On a recent inspection of the churchyard we identified a number of gravestones that were either starting to lean or becoming unstable. Before the PCC decides what should be done to make them safe we would like, if at all possible, to find any surviving relatives of the below so we can talk to them first.

You can contact the Churchwarden, Dave Lewis, on 01271 312904. 

Burnett, Elizabeth d. 1923

Counebear, James d. 1924

Counebear, Mary d. 1933

Downing, Mary Ann d. 1904

Gaydon, Annie d. 1911

Gaydon, Elizabeth d. 1894

Gaydon, John d. 1875

Heslop, Margaret d. 1883

Joslin, Francis d. 1903

Joslin, May d. 1882

Macdougall, Alexander d. 1851

Popham, Charity d. 1881

Popham, Jane d. 1864

Popham, John d.1873

Popham, Maria d. 1849

Popham, Richard d. 1865

Popham, William d. 1849

Prouse, Alice Mary d. 1960

Ratcliffe, Albert d. 1936

Shuttleworth, James d. 1941

Smith, Clarissa d.1926

Thorne, Arnold d. 1914

Thorne, Henry d, 1895

Thorne, Lucy d.1920

Thorne, Margaret d. 1942

Thorne, Mary d. 1896

Thorne, Sarah Jane d.1917

Trick, Ameila, d. 1953

Trick, Thomas d. 1920





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