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Finding Out About Faith

Finding out about faithIf you are interested in exploring the Christian faith, we hope the links opposite will be helpful. Alternatively, please contact our vicar, Andy, on 01271 371068 or email acdodwell@gmail.com

"Some people can remember the very day, even the moment, they came to faith. For others it's a more gradual process and I was one of those people. It didn't begin when I started attending church regularly, but when I realized that prayer and reading the Bible and living the way Christ showed us to live was something that needed to happen outside of wherever I was on a Sunday morning. The Start Course helped me to ask questions about what that life may be like, then the Alpha Course began to answer them. There are no essays or exams or anything like that, but the reason I think these courses are valuable and important is that they make you take some time out of your week to really think and talk about Jesus and what His life means to you. If you feel you are beginning a journey toward faith there isn't a wrong direction as long as you're following Christ"  - Dave, Barnstaple.