Our Vision and Values

Church logoOur Mission statement is :

"To work together to proclaim Christ's love in ourselves and in our community"

  • To work together : in many parts of our lives we find ourselves focussing on either our own needs or on our own efforts. As a church we recognise and affirm the importance of being part of a community that is bigger than ourselves.
  • To proclaim Christ's love in ourselves : as we seek to live as Christians we must first hear for ourselves the message of the Gospel. This means we must hear and know that we are all called to follow Christ as disciples, growing and deepening through the daily practice of our faith.
  • In our community : we have received the extraordinary riches of God's grace, and we seek in words, deeds and by our lives to share that grace with our community, through loving service.

We believe that all Christians are part of the Body of Christ and we want to make that real in a way we work together with other churches in Barnstaple.


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